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Subscriptions Integration for Renewal Errors
Problem: automatic subscription renewal payments are a critical business function of the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. Given these are processed on the WooCommerce site, where any number of other plugins and custom code can be running, there is always a chance of errors occurring due to 3rd party code. Running test renewals via Robot Ninja also can not guarantee that all renewals will work, as errors can occur only for certain products and other unique circumstances. Subscriptions will soon be shipping a more comprehensive error logger to: log any fatal errors that occur during renewals notify store owners when they login of the error, instructing them to contact support record the stack trace, system status and other important data at the time of the error to help with diagnoses later on However, this will only notify still requires an admin user to regularly login to each of their stores. This makes it difficult to quickly identify and resolve errors. Ideally, store owners would be notified of such critical issues and/or the team at Prospress would be notified so they could resolve the issue ASAP. Solution: Robot Ninja provides a dashboard and notifications for test results. These features could be extended to also offer information about issues with subscription renewals. To do this, Subscriptions will need to have integration with Robot Ninja to push errors to it. Alternatively, Eve could include the new error logging library being used in Subscriptions to extend this error monitoring feature to hooks for other critical business functions, like sending emails etc.
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